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Title [WFCM Vol4] Issue I. Learning from Women to Create Gender Inclusive Cities
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[WFCM Vol4] Issue I. Gender Mainstreaming

Learning from Women to Create Gender Inclusive Cities

Women in Cities International[1]

Publication from the Gender Inclusive Cities Programme




The safety and inclusion of women and girls is a priority issue across the globe. In every country and society, women and girls are subject to violence in both public and private spaces, simply because of their gender. Over the past thirty years, the international women’s movement has generated research and action on different forms of violence against women and girls, including violence within the home and work places. In recent years, there has been research and action that has specifically targeted violence against women and girls in the public sphere as well.  


The goals of the programme Gender Inclusive Cities: Increasing Women’s Safety by Identifying and Disseminating Effective and Promising Approaches that Promote Women’s Equal Access to Public Spaces(GICP) is to enhance women’s inclusion and “right to the city”. In order to achieve this goal, the program focuses on three aims:


» To identify and map the “geography” of public gender exclusion and its interaction with other marginalised identities such as race, religion, and economic status.

» To identify the activities, tools and public policies that act as enablers of or barriers to greater gender inclusion and equality

»To identify and pilot good practices related to gender inclusion


 (This paper was published as a report of the Gender Inclusive Cities Programme which was conducted by Women In Cite International with the UN trust fund from 2009 to 2011)


Please find the attached full paper

[1] WICI is a non-profit network organization, based in Montreal, Canada, that focuses on gender equality and the participation of women and girls in urban development.