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Title A study on a master plan for women’s job policies in Seoul
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A study on a master plan for women’s job policies in Seoul


Research Fellow, Policy Research Department

This study originated from the understanding of the need in Seoul for a roadmap that could guide the city’s employment policies for women. A master plan was set up based on the current status and characteristics of women’s economic activities, the demands of the employment policy, and other factors. The vision of the master plan is described as “strengthening economic power through ensuring women’s right to work for equal pay,” and towards that end the plan sets expansion of the foundation for quality jobs for women, increased employment prospects, and sustained support for employment as goals. In the policy area, the study suggests the creation of public sector jobs and enhancement of job quality, improvement of working conditions in blind spots and support for employment, realization of self-reliance through social support networks, prevention of career stoppage and support for reentry into the workforce, and support for accumulation of experience and strengthening of capabilities as main focuses, proposing specific tasks needed in each area.