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Title Aging Issues and Policy Implications in Women’s Viewpoint
Editor Admin Data 2014.12.30 View 3845
Attached File Gender Report Vol 2.pdf Gender Report Vol 2.pdf

Aging Issues and Policy Implications in Women’s Viewpoint

Kim, Myoung Yong, Policy Cooperation Officer
Seoul Foundation of Women and Family

This report contains analysis on aging population issue on women’s perspective. The aging rate in Seoul and Korea increases more rapidly than other developed countries. Korea’s senior rate in 2010 is 11.0% and is anticipated to surge into 38.2% in 2050. The aging problem for female elderly appears to be more serious than male because of female seniors’ high prevalence rate and financial issue. The aging issue should be considered as an issue for women and approached with integral, comprehensive measures covering women, welfare, transportation, education, housing, etc. Also, gender-sensitive approach has to be reinforced when creating a policy and taking actions to solve aging issue, and policy support needs to be strengthened focusing on female senior citizens living alone, financial poverty, heath issue, care service, human rights, safety, family problems, etc.