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Title A Study on Family Policy for Baby Boomers in Seoul
Editor Admin Data 2015.06.30 View 2182
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A Study on Family Policy for Baby Boomers in Seoul

Lee, Sun Hyoung
Research Fellow, Policy Research Department

The main goal of this research is to study conditions of baby boomers' family and their potential policy demand and support them from a gender perspective. Baby Boomers are the people born between the years 1955 and 1963, post war era when the birth rate grew dramatically high, nearly 14.5% of current population in Seoul.

The research has focused on the fact that can not be ignored that an average baby boomer family shows different social issues from younger generation even to older generation in Korea. To achieve the goal of this research, 400 individuals, baby boomers that currently reside in Seoul, have responded to the survey on issues such as care taking, networking, work, health, and preparation for old age. Unfortunately current city policy for baby boomers has failed to address the care taking issue baby boomers, so called 'sandwich generation', can not avoid though it successfully has covered other issues such as education, employment, social contribution, health, and leisure. Besides, the 'double cropping plans' for baby boomers do not include either professional female baby boomers or full-time housewives since it has been built based on professional male baby boomers' retirement plans only.

This research has revealed interesting facts on baby boomers regarding four different issues. First, baby boomers, sandwich generation that is caring for their children and parents as well, have more pressure with caring for their children, rather than parents, and women are caring for their grand children in most cases.