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Title A research on the actual condition of children & youths minorities’ human rights
Editor Admin Data 2015.06.30 View 2289
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A research on the actual condition of children & youths minorities’ human rights

Lee, Sung-mi
Research Fellow, Policy Research Department

The first research on the actual condition of children & youths’ human rights, which was during the enactment of 「the Ordinance on Human Rights for Children and Teens」 in 2012 conducted, showed that human rights of children & youths minorities are more vulnerable compared to majorities’. According to this, the second resear ch has a purpose to understand the current situation in children & youths minorities’ human rights and to seek ways to protect them.
This research focused on several minority groups including children & youths who are in multi-cultural families, out of school, handicapped, sexual minorities, single mother or father, refugees from North Korea, or living in institutional care. They are commonly and separately asked about the human rights consciousness, various experiences of age discrimination, violations of constitutional rights and many problems they have experienced as minorities. Findings on questionnaire survey analysis and interview investigations showed that children & youths minorities have a low consciousness about their human rights, and each minorities faced on various problems with their features in comparison majorities.
Findings of this research also point needs of the political support for children & youths minorities out. Fundamental changing viewpoint on the policies for children & youths, needs support policy for cultivating human rights consciousness, and constructing human rights network for children & youths minorities are suggested in the end of this research paper detailed.