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Title A Study on the development of gender equal career experience
Editor Admin Data 2015.06.30 View 2506
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A Study on the development of gender equal career experience program models and manuals

Young Jeong Kim
Research Fellow, Policy Research Department

As the demand for student career experience programs is expected to drastically increase with the introduction of the Free Semester(Exam-free Semester/Free Learning Semester), it is necessary to develop career programs that foster in youth challenge against stereotyped gender perceptions so as to prevent gender segregation in employment in the future. This study aims to draw policy tasks and offer guidelines for such programs through an examination of existing Career Experience Programs for youth in Seoul, a survey on their participants, and an analysis of participants’ experience and demands concerning career experience.

The research found that the Ministry of Education and the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education lack gender awareness in their career experience policy. Program participants were also found to fail to recognize any gender issues in policy content or operation. Teachers and working-level officials, for their part, paid more attention to securing sites for career experience programs than to gender issues. Although a majority of the students who participated in on-site career experience programs said they did not experience sexist behaviors or remarks, such practices were obviously found in a small cases. In order to overcome such practices and for career experience programs to maintain the viewpoint of gender equality, all educational programs and materials for career experience should emphasize “jobs and gender equality.” When new content is developed, it should be screened through the lens of gender equality. It is also necessary to develop new programs that challenge traditional gender roles in workplaces.