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Title The Study on Parenting by Dual Earner Families and Additional Policy Needs for Childcare Support
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The Study on Parenting by Dual Earner Families and Additional Policy Needs for Childcare Support

Kim, Song-Yi Research Fellow
Seoul Foundation of Women and Family

The expansion of childcare policies has led more and more childcare support program for dual earner families to lessen their burdens of parenting. Yet, the dual earner households seem to enjoy the benefits not as much as it was planned. So, this study closely looked into hardships dual earner families encounter in raising their children and limitations of the current childcare policies in seeking for a desired, much-covered parenting support policy for additional needs for these dual earner families. First, it analyzed press release and prior researches about current situations of parenting by dual earner families. The analysis is summarized as ‘discrepancies between hours needed for baby-sitting as a mother and a father work overtime and service hours provided by childcare centers, having experienced childcare gaps in certain areas due to lack of fully covered childcare support programs and system, and to fill the gaps, the unavoidable use of additional individual childcare support and resources including grandparents and hiring babysitters.’ It is also revealed that the expansion of the individual childcare support and resources should not be considered as this could cause Gender division of childcare to deepen and stratification of childcare types based on differences in income. Currently, the Seoul Metropolitan Government and some autonomous districts implement childcare support policies to fill the childcare gaps driven by these additional needs. However, the current programs are limited to providing babysitting services not considering varied situations faced by dual earner households including self-employed or those having part-time jobs. In that sense, the study suggests that the Seoul government needs to prepare fully-covered support programs for the dual earner families preconditioned with an effort to reduce their labor hours so that they could have more time for their children and with the introduction of reinforced all-day long childcare service. It also needs to improve the service quality for extended childcare service hours to make up for childcare gaps that the dual income families now suffer from, expanded child-carer services especially for workers in the specialized industries, as well as diversified childcare infrastructure for local communities. Keyword: dual earner family, childcare gap, fully-covered childcare support for children, additional childcare policy for dual earner families