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Title A study to examine operational status and set up development plan of Support Center for Working Mothers
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A study to examine operational status and set up development plan of Support Center for Working Mothers


Kuk, Mi-Ae Research Fellow
Ko, Hyeon Seung Researcher
Seoul Foundation of Women and Family

Seoul City Government established Support Center for Working mothers in 2012 for the first time in country to protect working womenʼs maternity rights and prevent career break. Later, a need to closely support working mothers to help them address difficulties arose and thus expanded the center. So currently in Seoul, three centers are in operation in three different areas. The centers have conducted various activities such as counseling and helping working mothers enhance their capability, protecting maternal rights of women during their pregnancy, child birth and childrearing and establishing related network. This study has examined operations of the center driven by Seoul City Government and come up with ideas to further develop. The areas reviewed were match between operational goal of the center and what was carried out to serve the goal, appropriateness of structure of the execution and reasonability of the business scope. Especially in consideration of the background of areal expansion of the center and its position as a commissioned office of Seoul City Government, mid and long-term operational direction was sought and its several functions were reestablished. Support Center for Working mothers was established to comprehensively address issues that target population of ʻworking mothersʼ have and to set up support system for them. Therefore, it was necessary to evaluate direction of support for working mothers and what was implemented and to identify any demand on centerʼs role to be strengthened so that the findings can be utilized to set the operation direction and reestablish its main functions. To this end, interview with experts and people concerned and survey with working mothers were conducted. Basic direction to establish development plan for the center is to inherit purpose of the center and relevance of the operational history while it provides more specialized service through systematic approach. By focusing on enhancing working environment that creates discrimination against working women, ʻlabor rightsʼ was set as main agenda. Then, this main agenda was suggested to be reflected in the title of the center, its main functions, scope of service and other various areas. Suggestions were also made on operational strategy and a system to carry out the strategy that would help the center more effectively serve its role in the following areas of support: to address discrimination and conflict, improve system and culture of businesses, establish governance in labor administration and conduct education on gender equality, labor and human rights. With the main agenda of the center being specialized in ʻ labor rightsʼ, the center needs to be more actively involved in activities for freelancer, workers in the special types of employment and the self-employed, who were not in the traditional employment relations thus not considered when policy was designed. In order to improve environment causing difficulties to working mothers and implement a system to actively address those issues, a metropolitan center serving a comprehensive role needs to be established. The centers currently in operation need to be clearly positioned itself as an area center, conducting its operation by taking into account its areal characteristic. Geumcheon Support Center for Working mothers needs to be renamed as ʻSouthwest Support Center for Working mothersʼ and strengthen its business highlighting its capability optimized for labor counseling and its geographical advantages. By reflecting centerʼs higher level of understanding on the area where itʼs located, it could extend its students of education program from employees to business owners. Eunpyeong Support Center for Working mothers should be renamed as ʻNorthwest Human Rights Center for Working mothersʼ and strengthen its business highlighting its capability best optimized to organizing community members and locational advantages of having lots of self-employed people and active community movement. The center could support self-help community with working parents and reinforce more community based projects like creating an ecosystem map of working mothers. It could also expand its support for self-employed mothers through campaigns for small scale businesses. Seoul Support Center for Working mothers should be renamed as ʻSoutheast Labor and Human Rights Center for Working Mothersʼ and clarify its position as an areal center. It should also come up with a plan to execute business based on characteristic of southeast area. Organizations operating the centers own lengthy history and high level of expertise in their own field and the expertise has naturally reflected in the operation of center. The trust of Seoul City Government in this expertise would be the reason why the local government consigned operation of the center to these organizations. Therefore, expertise of operating organizations and execution of the centers should be well reflected in the policy of the Seoul City Government. By doing so, a stable structure of discussion should be arranged so that all these efforts could lead to accomplishments of related parties. Key words: Labor and Human Rights Center for Working Mothers, Support to address discrimination and conflicts, Improvement of policy and culture of businesses, Establishment of labor administrative governance, Operation of educational program on gender equality and labor human rights, Team in charge of policy of gender equality and labor