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Rental Venues

International conference hall

International conference hall
A spacious multi-purpose hall for academic symposiums, international
conferences, wedding ceremonies and other major events.
(450 seats/1st floor)

Art hall BOM

Art hall BOM
A cozy performance venue designed for a variety of art and cultural presentations, concerts, and movie festivals. (292seats/1st floor)

Conference rooms

Conference rooms
A space with a comfy interior, ideal for workshops and lectures.
(140 seats/2nd floor)

Audio-visual room

Audio-visual room (65 seats/4th floor)
Lecture Room (20 to 45 seats/5th floor)
Seminar room (36 seats/2nd floor)
Spaces suitable for various kinds of audio-visual education, meetings, and discussions.

IT education hall

IT education hall
Optimal space for computer training, equipped with educational PCs and audio visual equipment. (20 seats/4th floor)