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Culture and art

Bibimbap concert, Travel concert-Dream of conception

Giving new hope to women and families

In this era of culture, SFWF is increasing the happiness of the citizenry by offering women and family-friendly culture and art programs.

Women are at the center of abundant imagination and creative change. Take part in women and family-friendly culture and art programs designed to recreate Seoul based on a philosophy of sharing and communication of gender perspective creativity and diversity.

Program objectives
Plan and hold women and family-friendly cultural programs
Build a creative and public-interest-based social culture that incorporates
gender sensitivity and gender equality and considers minorities and the
underprivileged members of society
Program areas
Various programs, such as exhibitions, performances, culture and art educational programs, and festivals for women and families
Program targets
Female (family-friendly) artists (groups), citizens
Cases of programs
  • Project to give wings to female writers Project to give wings to
    female writers
  • Women’s story exhibition Women’s story exhibition
  • Women’s week Women’s week
  • A traveling gallery A traveling gallery