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Policy research

Family policy symposium, Analysis of issues

Going beyond gender equality to realize happiness for the entire citizenry

The horizon of policy research of SFWF has expanded from gender equality to the enjoyment of happiness by the citizenry. SFWF is increasing the happiness of Seoul’s citizens by researching and proposing practical policies for women and family to ensure that women’s experiences and views are reflected to improve the quality of life for everyone.

Program objectives
Maximize the use of proposed policy tasks for the execution of
a differentiated and specialized research program
Ensure practicality of research through participation by appropriate officials,
including those of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, NGOs, and women’s groups
Program areas
Develop policy tasks and draw up execution plans to achieve gender
equality of an advanced city
Develop and apply gender equality indexes, such as those on politics, economy, society, and culture
Pursue research aimed at building a women-friendly city environment
Conduct policy evaluation for efficient implementation of women’s policies of the Seoul Metropolitan Government
Conduct research to support women development organizations of the Seoul Metropolitan Government
Cases of programs
  • International symposium on gender-sensitive policies International symposium on
    gender-sensitive policies
  • Forum on women’s happiness Forum on women’s
  • Family policy symposium Family policy symposium