Introduction to SFWF | Making Seoul a city where all women and families enjoy happiness. SFWF is playing a pivotal role in its creation.

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Introduction to SFWF

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Welcome to the website of the Seoul Foundation of Women and Family.

Leading Power for the future of women and family, Seoul Foundation of Women and Family

It is soft, but deep. It is tender, but strong.

The soft, yet powerful wisdom of women is making the world a better place. SFWF is demonstrating great passion towards women and families, and clearing the way for a better future.

SFWF envisions a Seoul where all women and families enjoy greater happiness with the passing of each day.

SFWF joins hands with the citizenry

  • Creating happiness
    Creating happiness:Holding a wide array of events that bring smiles to the faces of women and families
  • Combating prejudice
    Combating prejudice:Enhancing the competitiveness of women through educational programs, lectures, and seminars
  • Increasing skills
    Increasing skills:Viewing the world without prejudice, discrimination, or stereotypes
  • Sharing pain
    Sharing pain:Sharing the pain and difficulties of women, families, and the socially underprivileged

Vision and mission of SFWF

Women and Family Friendly City Building
Empowering partner for equal society building through women & family policy development and practice
Management Goals
Policy development and practice to enhance quality of life for women and family
Gender sensitivity building and women & family friendly cultural activity promotion
Domestic and international women network building
Sustainable growth promotion through management innovation