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Seoul foundation  of Women and Family

It is soft, but deep. It is tender, but strong. The soft, yet powerful wisdom of  women is making the world a better place.SFWF is demonstrating great passion towards women and families, and clearning the way for a better future. SFWF envisions a Seoul where all women and families enjoy greater happiness with the passing of each day.

SFWF joins hands with the citizenry

Creating happiness Creating happiness:Holding a wide array of events that bring smiles to the faces of women and families Combating prejudice Combating prejudice:Enhancing the competitiveness of women through educational programs, lectures, and seminars Increasing skills Increasing skills:Viewing the world without prejudice, discrimination, or stereotypes Sharing pain Sharing pain:Sharing the pain and difficulties of women, families, and the socially underprivileged

Vision and mission of SFWF

Vision, mission, Management Goals