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SFWF NEWS - SFWF hosts 'The 3rd Seoul Work-Life Balance Fair'
  • Date : 2021-12-28
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“Seoul Foundation of Women and Family hosts
「The 3rd Seoul Work-Life Balance Fair」”

○ Date: Thursday, October 21, 2021 14:00 - 17:10

○ Venue: Space Salim Multipurpose Hall / Online live broadcast

○ Hosted by: Seoul Metropolitan Government, Seoul Foundation of Women and Family

○ Event Details
- The Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Foundation of Women and Family held the ‘Seoul Work-Life Balance Fair’ to share various best practices of work-life balance and to discuss relevant policy direction for the city of Seoul. The Fair, which marks it 3rd anniversary this year, held a total of three events, ranging from awards for outstanding companies with best practices of work-life balance system to CEO forum and conference.

○ Overview of the session

Part 1: Award Ceremony for Outstanding Work-life Balance Company/Organization
- At the award ceremony for companies with excellent work-life balance practice, a total of 7 companies(organizations) were awarded: two companies with outstanding work time and location flexibility which entails early leave system, telecommunication; two companies who improved their organizational culture for work-life balance; and three companies with programs tailored to employees’ work-life balance.
Part 2: CEO Forum - Presentation of Seoul-style Small and Medium-sized Enterprises(SMEs) Participating in the Work-life Balance Project
- Among the SMEs in Seoul that participated in the work-life balance consulting and education project this year, two companies were selected to share their examples of work-life balance and autonomous organizational culture.
(Example) ‘Work-life balance day’ where people leave work two hours early once a month
Part 3: Conference - Presentation of Work-life Balance Survey Results Among Young People Working in SMEs in Seoul
- We shared survey results on the status of work-life balance support system and culture with 1,000 young people working in Seoul-style SMEs, and three experts working in the field, policy-making and corporate participated as debaters. - Through the survey, areas for improvement were identified, which includes 1) operation of a care support system that reflects the needs of young people by various household types, 2) expansion of flexible working hours and telecommunication, 3) promotion of support programs for those who return from maternity leave, 4) reinforcement of work competency support programs and 5)systemization of personnel management and transparency in SMEs. In particular, work-life balance policies to reflect various types of households among young citizens, such as single-person households and married households without children, were discussed.

※What is a Seoul-style SME(Small and Medium-sized Enterprises)?

- SME selected by Seoul Metropolitan Government and other public institutions that is considered to be a good company for young people to work for. Companies are selected based on meticulous evaluation of their corporate competency, proportion of full-time workers, wages, and working environment.