Strengthening of networks

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Strengthening of networks
Strengthening of networks

Development and exchange among domestic
and overseas women’s groups

SFWF is strengthening the network through various cooperation and support programs in order to spread women and family-friendly culture and facilitate the activities of appropriate organizations and groups.

SFWF thereby supports the strengthening of competencies of appropriate domestic and overseas organizations and groups and is expanding their network.

Program objectives

  • Building networks among organizations and appropriate officials through domestic and overseas exchange and support programs

  • Promoting the activities of women???s and families??? organizations and groups

Program areas

  • Cooperation program to identify issues of domestic and overseas women’s and families’ organizations and groups and to expand their projects

  • Support program for the growth and strengthening of the competencies of domestic women’s and families’ groups

Program targets

  • Domestic and overseas women???s and families??? organizations and groups

Cases of programs

  • Mentoring program for immigrantwomen

    Mentoring program for immigrantwomen

  • Working women’s project

    Working women’s project

  • Global Summit of Women

    Global Summit of Women

  • Equal family culture project

    Equal family culture project